#BlockforceProduct: Digital Currency Connect

Here at Blockforce we have the culture of collaboration and we aim to show the world the amazing work of our team members. Since we have just released our new products, we want to share with you their creative journey. Let's start with The Digital Currency Connect, which is an end to end platform for digital currency management. One of the people responsible for this great project is our Head of Products Marcelo Martins. We have interviewed him to discover the secrets behind this pioneering application of this new technology.

Where did the idea come from?

Here at Blockforce we are always looking for a way to provide innovation to the problems our partners have. At the time, despite the huge growth of digital currencies in the financial sector, no company could offer a definite and affordable solution for digital currency management.

Knowing this gap on the market and inspired by the business model of Bank as a Service (BaaS) we decided to create a solution that goes beyond custody of digital currencies in a simple and accessible way having social innovation in mind.

What exactly the product offers?
The product aims to simplify and abstract the complexity of the world of digital currencies.

First, let's understand what Bank as a Service is: by connecting via API, the BaaS model allows startups, fintechs, and other companies to offer financial services to their customers, without necessarily needed to operate as a banking institution. Therefore, services such as credit cards, bill payments, transfers, withdrawals, and deposits, previously offered exclusively by banks, can be offered by any company. A digital account and a card integrated into an API are enough for the user to have access to a complete digital banking experience.

We can say that what Digital Currency Connect is the evolution of the Bank as a Service (Baas) since we integrate digital currencies into the service. With our product, you will be able to access a complete platform for managing currencies or digital assets that enables issuing, sending, receiving, tracking, and also to self-custody digital currencies.

What is the product differentiation?

We have different protocols such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Binance Coin, Stellar, and Celo — and everything works with the same API. That means that we standardize the flow of transactions and create a single connection for all digital currencies. Thus, there is no need to deal with the specifics of digital currencies and each protocol.

Moreover, to integrate the technology into the business, it does not require developers who specialize in Blockchain. The documentation is self-explanatory, facilitating integration into the product and without borders.

Finally, the Digital Currency Connect was designed so that other protocols or add-on features can be included in a simple and fast way. In this sense, we are always expanding our scope and our network!

Why Blockforce?
We want to spread and provide a new way for people to deal with monetary value, fewer intermediaries, and more technology!

We work to democratize access to new technologies and boost the positive impact. Let’s go together? Contact us for more info https://blockforce.in/products/digital-currency-connect

We believe in the blockchain power to create new collaborative realities as a key to accelerate the exponential positive transformations. https://blockforce.in/