Amani Journey

Special thank to Amani Institute, this article is for you!

At the end of last year, we had an experience of partnership, construction, and friendship with the Amani Institute by participating in the Amani consultancy program for start-ups.

Blockforce was born with the goal of promoting social innovation and increasingly, positively impacting the largest number of people. In this sense, in order to root this essence in our culture and in our business model, we look for Amani aiming to make Blockforce a consultancy 100% focused on the social and environmental impact.

Thus, our partnership began.

The proposed experience was training in social innovation for Blockforce employees. More than training, the experience was a deconstruction and building of habits and also a great internal drive. The process was highly practical and efficient. The Amani team guided us from the Amani Institute’s social innovation methodology.

There were five beautiful meetings — besides tasks, conversations, and reflections.

In the first step, we went deeper into the social business market 2.5, clarifying concepts and mapping opportunities and challenges.

In the second step, we dove into Blockforce’s Theory of Change (so you don’t know the tool, read more about it here). At that moment, we reflected on our business strategy, our purpose, and our impact. In fact, it was a crucial moment to be clear about who we are and where we want to go.

With the Theory of Change in hands, we started to understand what would be the path we should take in order to reach our goal — who is our target audience? how are we going to approach them? what are our key resources? what results do we want to achieve? … All these questions, and many others, were contemplated with deep reflections and theoretical basis.

Having full clarity on the group’s vision, we define individual agreements, functions, and objectives in order to make the process as fluid, efficient, and genuine as possible.

At the last meeting, we reflected and defined our impact measurement strategy. Thus, in addition to having a business model, a clear purpose, and an aligned team, we are also able to measure and evaluate the impact we have on the world.

It is worth mentioning that throughout the entire process we had a very rich exchange between our employees and Amani. In addition to sharing experience and knowledge, we made great friends and had a space to look at ourselves and the organization itself.

And what can I say about the result of all this ?! At the very least, incredible and transformative.

Here are the key results that we consider:

1. aligned team: the process provided us with a lot of reflection, discussions, and exchanges. Thus, we understand the perspective of each of the collaborators and we reach an optimal balance point, promoting the alignment of the team.

2. internal look: it was an intense experience to understand more about the reasons that led us to get here. In addition to deepening our internal view as a company, we also had the opportunity to get to know each other better, expanding our self-knowledge.

3. new methodologies: throughout the process, we learned a lot about concepts and tools related to the social business world, which put us on another level as a company.

4. 100% performance focused on positive impact: we are now clearly established as a social organization, which in addition to generating profit for its employees, has the mission of generating positive impacts on society and the environment.

Thanks, Amani!
With great affection, Blockforce

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